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Partnerships - The Power of Collaboration

Concept has a deep connect with the Retail and B2B industry in the UAE, and can help new entrants and existing players in the UAE to create partnerships with other non-competing businesses to reach and engage their customer and employee base. This enables to market and position their Brand and grow. Concept has a deep experience in building Partnerships between Brands.


  • Help Brands create Marketing Partnerships with other complmenting Brands, Retail or Business Groups which will help them reach more customers.

  • Help Developers launch or market projects to NRIs and Investors

  • Help New and Existing brands to develop innovative customer centric marketing channels to grow Retail and B2B customer base.

  • Help Startups market their products and services through innovative Partnerships.

  • Help Brands and Promoters find like minded investors to set up business in the UAE.